Agenda For Justice

As lawyers, CBA members have an interest in ensuring the system of administration of justice is as effective as it can be. As taxpayers, we have an even bigger interest in the return on investment that is provided by an adequately funded and appropriately functioning justice system.

Agenda for Justice is an Alberta Branch initiative aimed at addressing the most pressing justice system challenges facing Albertans today. These include:

For a complete backgrounder on all the issues, download Agenda for Justice – BackgroundersThe Alberta Branch supports addressing these challenges, while concurrently upholding the principles of the Rule of Law.


Read Agenda for Justice - Key Messages for a quick summary of the main issues.

The Agenda for Justice - Talking with Candidates brochure will help you open up a conversation about justice issues with any political candidate or sitting politician.

Also read Alberta Branch 2014-15 President, Steve Mandzuik’s news release calling on electoral candidates to consider critical justice issues.