2017-18 Section Registration

  • August 23, 2017


Registration for the 2017-18 Sections will open online beginning the week of August 28

A reminder that the Law Society of Alberta has recently made changes to the CPD program. All CPD declarations are now due on September 30, which allows members the opportunity to select and register for their chosen Sections prior to declaration. In advance of registration opening, you can review the 2017-18 Section offerings in our Section Handbook.

For those members that participate in multiple Sections, or a combination of Sections and other CBA professional development opportunities such as conferences or webinars, a Portfolio or Portfolio Plus package is an excellent way to enhance your CBA membership and save you money. 

Portfolio and Portfolio Plus packages give members:

  • Up to $500 in education credits to be used for any CBA professional development opportunity, including Sections, PD webinars and Conferences.
  • Rebates of up to 5% on all approved CBA expenditures, to be applied against your membership renewal the following year.
  • Up to 3 materials-level registrations in Alberta Sections of your choice.

More information on Portfolio and Portfolio Plus packages is available online here

If you have any questions about Section Registration, please contact Heather Walsh (Alberta North) at 780-428-1230, or Linda Chapman (Alberta South) at 403-263-3707.