Law Matters | Fall 2014


Just in time for Law Schools to begin for the 2014-15 year, Law Matters presents the Career Perspectives issue. In this issue, we hear from law school graduates at different stages in the careers, from senior practitioners, to judges, and even one non-practicing lawyer with a sweet career!

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Career Trajectories

Becoming a Judge

Gillian D. Marriott, QC, is a Past President of the CBA Alberta Branch. She is the Executive Director of PBLA, and practices family law with Widdowson Kachur Ostwald Menzies LLP.

The Honourable Judge Don Higa is a Past President of the CBA Alberta Branch, and Judge of the Provincial Court (Civil) in Alberta.

I began thinking about applying when I was embarking upon my return to Calgary.  For various reasons, I wasn’t considering a return to practice but wished to pursue another type of “legal” career.  Prior to moving to Ontario, I was a member of the Provincial Court Nominating Committee...